Executive committee members recommend raise and bonus for President Oldham

Trudy Harper, head of the executive committee, explains her proposal for the president’s salary during a meeting with the board of executives.
(Photo by Lucas Hayslette)

Members of Tech’s executive committee recommended a 1.012% salary increase and a $14,215 bonus for President Phil Oldham during a meeting Tuesday in Derryberry Hall.


If approved by the full board of trustees in March, Oldham’s base salary would increase to slightly over $350,000.


“I feel that the president has had a very good performance …” Chairwoman Trudy Harper said. “If I had a scale … a four or five being the top … I would give the president the highest number because I believe things have gone very well.”


Harper said she conducted Oldham’s annual review that included evaluations submitted by faculty and administrators. She said she then went over those results thoroughly with Oldham.


Harper said her initial recommendation was based upon the average faculty increase of 1.07% and the average bonus given high-performing faculty and executives.


Trustee Purna Saggurti suggested increasing the bonus based on Oldham’s outstanding performance.


“If he’s done a superstar performance, then we should pay him like other superstars,” he said.


The committee, which consists of Harper ad trustees Tom Jones and Rhedona Rose unanimously approved the 1.012% salary increase and a 4.11% bonus.


“I do think the president has done an outstanding job,” Jones said.


Oldham received a $60,000 bonus last year but donated it back to the school.