Oldham discusses flat rates for full-time students

President Phil Oldham at this semester’s Chat With the President.
(Photo by Katharine Roberts)

President Phil Oldham discussed the possibility of consolidating all mandatory fees and establishing a flat rate, a non-varying charge, for full-time students at this semester’s Chat with the President.


“We are in the process now of really restructuring our tuition and fee management on campus. Hopefully, making it a lot more transparent, a lot easier to understand. To consolidate fees so we don’t have so many separate fees … And to establish a flat rate for full-time students so that you sort of know what that is gonna be and have some predictability and better planning for,” Oldham said.


Oldham said he hopes to reduce confusion for students and their parents by combining all mandatory fees and reducing variation of tuition between individual students.


“This revision to simplify the mandatory fee structure … by establishing a consistent maximum hour limit and packaging all mandatory fees into a program service fee,” trustee John Stites said when presenting the proposal during the December meeting.


Board members plan to vote on it during the March 12 meeting. If they approve the motion, students can expect to see these changes in the fall of 2020.

The board of trustees voted to lower out-of-state tuition at their December meeting in hopes to make Tech more competitive and diverse, they said.