Flat rate tuition follow-up

A new tuition and fee structure that would raise tuition for full-time students was proposed to the Board of Trustees at their December meeting.


The new structure would consolidate all mandatory fees and tuition into one.


Under this fee structure, all full-time students would be charged the same amount, no matter how many credit hours students take per semester.


Tuition for full-time students would be $4,530 under the new tuition and fee structure, according to the website.


The current cost of tuition and fees is $4,467 for students taking 12 hours but it increases the more hours you take.


It currently increases at a rate of about $372.25 per credit hour. For students that aren’t full time, they will pay $319 per credit hour under the new structure.


Current students will not be affected by the flat-rate structure if it does go into place.


The revenue the university receives from the increase will be used towards a scholarship for “low-income, high-achieving students,” called the Tech Promise scholarship. It will also go toward improving advising and career development.


The members of the board of trustees will be voting on this during their meeting on March 12.


To submit a comment about the proposed tuition model online, visit by mail to the Office of the University Counsel and Board Secretary, P.O. Box 5141, Cookeville, TN 38505.


Submissions must be made by March 1.