SGA holds absentee ballot drive

SGA sponsored an absentee ballot drive and FAQ session to inform students on how to place their vote from school during dead hour on Tuesday and Thursday.


SGA members saw a need for better education and understanding of voting while in college, which prompted the idea of the drive and FAQ sessions, said Aaron Lay, SGA secretary of state.


The absentee ballot drive allowed students to fill out a ballot for their home state or county before the March 3 primary.


“We are really trying to push students to use their right to vote and have their voices heard even when they aren’t in their home county or state,” Lay said.


One challenge SGA members face is the two-step mailing process of sending in a ballot.


Student first request an absentee ballot from their home county and if they are approved, they must mail it in before Election Day.


“It is best to get these requests sent in as soon as possible,” Lay said.


SGA members plan to collaborate with other campus organizations and offices for future registration drives and absentee ballot sessions, Lay said.