Month: March 2020


Spring break extended amidst COVID-19 concerns

Expressing safety concerns involving COVID-19, President Phil Oldham on Thursday extended Tennessee Tech University’s spring break for another week and announced subsequent online classes only until further notice.   Students prepared to take a weeklong break beginning Monday, now do not have to return to class until March 27. University […]


Tech joins campus rape conversation

PART 1: Jane and Joe Only Tennessee Tech students Jane and Joe know what really happened in Room 508 of Pinkerton Hall on Aug. 30, 2018. She says Joe, a 19-year-old she met at band camp, picked her up, kissed her, stripped off their clothes, laid her on the bed […]


18 identified victims in Putnam County

The 17 identified victims Jessica Clark – 30s female Amanda Cole – 34-year-old female Hattie Collins – 3- to 4-year-old female Dawson Curtis – 6- to 7-year-old female Terry Curtis – 54-year-old male Joshua Kimberlin – male in his 30s Sawyer Kimberlin – 2- to 3-year-old male Erin Kimberlin – […]

On campus Opinion

Scholarship Hours

Tech scholarship recipients sometimes find that their prizes come with a cost: from writing “thank you” notes to maintaining a certain GPA, the expectations are pretty standard. However, between full-time study and bills to pay, some students find themselves in a bind with the academic service scholarship, which requires them […]

News On campus

Club Highlight: Plant Science Experiences Club

The Plant Science Experiences Club gives students interested in plants an opportunity to collaborate and participate in activities such as field trips and plant propagation, as well as listen to and meet guest speakers.   Members founded the club to promote the development and advancement of students in plant-science careers, […]


Opinion: Plant-based diets

It is a pretty big misconception that those with a plant-based diet eat rabbit food.   In fact, it has never been easier to swap meat for an alternative. Even fast food chains are starting to cater to plant-based diets.   Ever since Burger King came out with the Impossible […]


Stress and college relationships

People say college is the best part of your life but they frequently leave out all the stress that comes with the experience.   Stress doesn’t only affect you and the way you are feeling. It can also affect the people you surround yourself with.   Stressors experienced outside a […]


SGA Supports Oldham’s raise, bonus

SGA members expressed mostly positive opinions on the proposed 1.012% salary increase for President Phil Oldham, but raised concerns about the pay disparity between Oldham and professors.   If approved by the board of trustees in March, the increase would bring Oldham’s salary to slightly more than $350,000.   “He […]