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Apple, Android, Other, and Why?


“There are so many features on Android that Apple doesn’t have. Preinstalled programs I can uninstall or disable, and it has file pathing.”
Victoria Somerby
environmental engineering, junior
“I feel like Android and other are better for office work, and that’s where I mainly use my phone, but I’m all over the place. I have a Microsoft laptop, apple tablet, and Samsung galaxy phone.”
Maya Johnson
Microbiology, junior
“I would say android because it offers more customizability. If you want a really straightforward phone, Apple works well, but if you want to do more with it you want Android.”
John Clark
Chemical engineering and German, sophomore
“I have mostly apple products because it looks nicer and cleaner, and the functions it has, it’s a lot easier to use.”
Huyen Dam
Chemistry, sophomore
“Apple. It’s easier to have a lot of things that work together. It has faster file sharing and the best cameras.”
Wesley Gaines
Music education, freshman