On campus

A President’s Message For All Students

Dear Students,

It is so good to see you. When I see you walking across Centennial Plaza or down the Main Quad, I remember what I enjoy most about being a college president: Students. You motivate me and everyone who works at Tech to do our best to put you first in our plans and actions.

If you are a returning student, your spirit and resiliency set great examples for our campus community last spring. We have anticipated your return since March, and I’m excited that whether you are in a physical classroom or online, you got back to the work of shaping your future.

Tennessee Tech President Phil Oldham on the campus. President Oldham wishes all students a happy and safe return to TTU.Photo provided by TTU Communication and Marketing.

I met a lot of freshmen during SOAR and saw the same optimism and practicality that I see in other students on campus. We will always put all of you first, and we intend to end the semester as we started — on campus with the safest, healthiest environment possible. I encourage you to pursue your goals and tackle your classes as always. But this semester, I ask more of you. Protect each other. Encourage each other. Be gracious. And do all this even if you don’t agree with everyone about everything.

Pay attention to your own health and the health of your family. Do what it takes. Wear your face covering when it’s required. Make good choices when you are off campus. Find ways to safely get out and enjoy the beautiful outdoors all around us.

In other words, Live Wings Up!

Welcome back. Welcome Home.