Month: October 2020


Women Empowerment since 1832

Women empowerment has taken its place in history, shaping it into what it is today, changing society and allowing women to achieve any dream they have had of achieving in this lifetime. Two women from Tennessee Tech University named Paula Hinton, and Nicole Cooke offered their insight on how women […]

National News

Barrett confirmed into the Supreme Court

Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed and sworn into the Supreme Court on Monday, Oct 26. Just eight days ahead of election day.  The Senate confirmed her to the Supreme Court with a 52-48  vote. No democratic senators voted in favor of her becoming a justice, and only one repulican senator […]


Responsibility does not end at the ballot box

American’s 2020 election will take place on November 3rd.  Millions of registered voters will cast their  votes, either by early voting, absentee voting or voting on the actual election day.   This election will decide the president of the United States as well as many senators and representatives. Congressional elections take […]


Football Returns in Spring 2021

 Football season is making a comeback.  Tech Football released a spring 2021 Ohio Valley Conference schedule on Oct.7, 2020.  The season will consist of a seven game conference only schedule with a possible non-conference game. Tech will play three games at Tucker Stadium and then be on the road for […]

On campus

Lack of Transgender Bathroom Policy

Tech’s website has no specific rule on where transgender and gender non-conforming people that feel discomfort using their assigned gender’s restroom on campus should go. In fact, no search result on Tech’s website mentions the word transgender at all. Chief of the communications office, Karen Lykins, explained the lack of […]

Election National News

Live Presidential Debate Coverage

Follow along for live coverage of the October 22, 2020 presidential debate between Former Vice President Joe Biden and President Donald Trump. The debate is being held at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee.  Pandemic: When asked how he will lead the country during a pandemic, President Trump responded “2.2 million […]

Election News

Guide to the final presidential debate: how to watch

The second and final presidential date will take place October 22 at 8 pm central time. Both President Trump and Former Vice President Biden will be at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee to debate these topics: fighting COVID-19, American families, race, climate change, national security, and leadership.  The debate is […]


Tiny justice sparked massive change

The death of Ruth Bader Ginsburg on September 18, 2020, shocked people around the world. Ginsburg was the second woman appointed to the Supreme Court nominated by President Bill Clinton. Ruth Bader Ginsburg was known for her dainty appearance standing at a mere five feet tall and barely weighing 100 […]


Where They Stand

Health Care- According to the Trump reelection website, Trump “has worked to improve access to affordable quality health care.” Trump repealed the individual mandate which required people to buy insurance. He signed a six year extension of the Children’s Health Insurance Program. The administration aims to cover all pre-existing conditions, […]


Only one debate remains before election

The global  pandemic continues to cause widespread problems that are not immune to the political arena as scheduling conflicts have created uncertainties for organizers involved in planning rallies and debates. In fact, the presidential debates have been cut down to just two debates in the last couple of weeks. The […]