Health Screenings available at Health Fair

The Fall Health Fair will take place on October 13 in the Marc Burnett Fitness and Recreation Center from 7 a.m. – 10 a.m. Cookeville Regional Medical Center is set to host the event.  Testing options include: blood work, pulmonary function, bone density screening and biometric screenings.  In order to get an appointment, stop by the Health Promotions office in room 234 of the new Fitness Center or email glucas@tntech.edu.

CRMC’s Director of Marketing and Public Relations, Melahn Finley, spoke about what will be offered at the event at the Workplace Wellness Health Fair at Tech. 

“We offer a panel of blood work and other screenings to help people get a good baseline of their general, overall health.”

Garrett Lucas, Health Promotions Coordinator for Tech, elaborated on a few of the tests offered, saying that, “these tests can range from testing for different cardiovascular diseases, B12 levels, vitamin D deficiencies, thyroid function, prostate cancer, testosterone levels, bone density test, osteoporosis.” 

Garrett Lucas, Health Promotions Coordinator, encourages health screenings.

Both Finley and Lucas explained why it is so important to have tests done.

“Hopefully you can identify a problem before it starts, or something might be detected, and that might give the person a chance for a better treatment or cure before it does become worse,” Lucas said.

The health fair form has 19 different options to choose from, and the prices range from $15 – $145.  The list of tests is as follows: lipid profile, complete chemistry, complete blood count, prostate specific antigen, testosterone, thyroid panel, blood type and RH factor, hemoglobin A1C, 25 hydroxi vitamin D, B-12 level, folic acid, bone density screening, pulmonary function screening, flu shot, stroke/carotid artery screening, abdominal aneurysm screening, peripheral arterial disease screening, complete vascular package and low dose lung CT scan.

The form explains each of the tests in a brief summary so individuals are better able to choose the test best for them.

Patients are required to fast for the tests, which is why they are in the morning.

“We have it in the morning every year because people have to fast, so we don’t want them to have to wait until lunchtime to do anything,” said Lucas.

The testing is to take place in the new fitness center on campus and will be the room beside the Health Promotions office, 234.  For any questions or concerns, email Lucas at glucas@tntech.edu.