Football dilemma for Fall 2020

Tech had to put a halt on football for the 2020 season. What does that mean for incoming freshmen? How does this affect graduating seniors? 

Head Football Coach Dewayne Alexander, on his 32nd season as a coach, answered these questions and put those fears at ease for individuals wondering.

“All sports have learned to be creative and adapt and we have learned a lot through the process” when asked if it is safe to play during a global pandemic,” Coach Alexander said.  

Coach Alexander spoke about how COVID-19 caused professional sports to make changes to the schedule in order to keep people safe.

“COVID-19 has made a huge impact on all sports with all of the uncertainty and cancellations,” he stated. 

Seniors will be able to apply for an extension that will give them  an opportunity to still have experience and still have the resources to get scouted by professional teams.

Coach Alexander captured last Eason by Thomas Cohern.

“The eligibility extension will compensate for the fall season that has been cancelled, ”  Coach Alexander mentioned. 

“This has been a tough Spring and Summer for Class of 2021 Recruits. I really feel for these guys. We rely on their junior film,” he continued.

This means that their scouting reports will be based upon what they accomplished during their Junior year of playing time.

Freshmen were given advice by Coach Alexander about coming into this new atmosphere of college sports.

“They should start setting and establishing a good set of priorities and time management/structure is key!,” he said. 

Coach Alexander says that his players are adapting to this new climate. 

“Our players struggled with the uncertainty of months of not knowing when and if we were going to play but they have handled the situation well and I am proud of our team,” he concluded.