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Guide to the final presidential debate: how to watch

The second and final presidential date will take place October 22 at 8 pm central time. Both President Trump and Former Vice President Biden will be at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee to debate these topics: fighting COVID-19, American families, race, climate change, national security, and leadership. 

The debate is divided into six 15-minute segments where the moderator will ask a question and each candidate will speak on the topic.

Photo Courtesy of Time

Some changes were recently made to the debate formatting. To prevent what happened at the first debate, each candidate will have two guaranteed minutes of speaking time at the beginning of each 15 minute segment. To ensure that those two minutes go uninterrupted, the candidate not speaking will have their microphone turned off. After they both have their two minutes the rest of the segment will be filled with open discussion.

The moderator for this debate is Kristen Welker. She is a White House correspondent for NBC News and co-anchor of “Weekend Today.”

Where can you watch the debate: The debate is available to stream across on Youtube, Hulu, and a variety of news outlets’ websites. It is also available to watch on CBS, ABC, Fox, CNN, PBS, NBC, MSNBC, and other television networks.

When is it happening: The debate will take place October 22, 2020 at 8 pm in Nashville, Tennessee.

Where can I get debate highlights and updates? You can see updates and highlights on the Oracle’s twitter (@tntechoracle).