Seth Speaks Volumes: NFL Star gives $1 million to Nashville School

Jalen Ramsey, a star cornerback in the National Football League, has donated 1 million dollars to Purpose Preparatory Academy in his hometown of Nashville, Tennessee. This helps shine a positive light during a negative year. 

Jalen Ramsey has been playing in the NFL since being picked in the 1st round of the draft at #5 in 2016. He was a part of the Jacksonville Jaguars until 2019 when he was traded to the Los Angeles Rams. Since then, he has shined as an impactful player on the LA Rams team.

He decided to donate 1 million dollars to his local school for, according to newsbreak.com, “underprivileged children” and to ‘help level the playing field’ as Ramsey put it. It is a charter school with around 400 students ranging from Kindergarten to fourth grade. He has already given them the money contribution for this school year. The student population of this school is “98% black with more than 75% of its students eligible for free and reduced-price lunches” according to espn.com. He wanted to give this money in order to help these students have the materials needed to learn effectively.

The fact that he decided to take the time and effort to help the place that had established him as a player and person will leave an amazing impact on his community. He wanted to give something back.

As a sports professional, everyone learns to work together to reach a goal. He was able to reach that goal by helping his own community with his charitable efforts. 

It gives his image a positive look because of how stereotypical NFL players are usually seen. Most people associate NFL players being selfish and only about themselves, but now we can see that this is not the case for Ramsey. It was kind and considerate for him to make sure the place that helped raise him can continue to raise many people to come.