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Things will get hairy for No-Shave November

No-Shave November is an annual trend in the United States. Despite being a popular hashtag and challenge online, many people have no idea where the trend originates from. 

No-Shave November is a month-long practice where the participant is not allowed to do any kind of shaving or grooming for the entire month of November, according to NoShaveNovember.Org. The participant then uses the expenses they would normally put towards monthly maintenance and donate it towards cancer research, treatments and recovery. 

The concept of No-Shave November is to embrace hair growth, hair which many cancer patients lose during their treatments. By foregoing any shaving the participants help to celebrate and honor those fighting battles with cancer. 

Graphic by Emma Kenner

If you are uncomfortable with growing your hair out for a month, do not worry. The No-Shave November organization encourages everyone to participate anyway. 

Other ways you can help is to support your friends, create your own leaderboard or make a donation to the cancer organization of your choice. 

By sharing posts on social media with #NoShaveNovember during the month long challenge you can raise awareness and encourage others to participate in the challenge as well. 

For more information, visit NoShaveNovember.Org to shop apparel, register to participate in the official leaderboards for the month or to make a donation.