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Why Rocket League is Amazing Casually and Competitively 

Rocket League is an amazing Esport for any college student to try out if they are trying to become a professional gamer. It is the perfect combination of skill and fun all into one.

Rocket League is the video game version of soccer with the excitement of bumper cars all into one. In a casual game, there are two teams of 3. There is one ball in the middle of the soccer field for each participant to go after to try and score on the goal. You are also given boosts throughout the arena to use to get places quickly. The games last 5 minutes, unless in a custom game, in which you must get the most points to win. If there is a tie and the ball touched the ground, there will be an overtime. The overtime lasts until someone scores the final goal to win.

Casually, this game is excellent for people who enjoy driving and having an exciting time with friends online. Competitively, it can have the same effect, but there might be a bit more skill involved!

There are also extra game modes for casual play. These are game modes that allow people to use different mechanics and abilities of the game itself.

With this, they also have cosmetics that allow for fun gameplay. There is a rocket pass that grants people prizes for playing a lot. There are also challenges that give experience points that help people level up quickly. Lastly, the cars used in this game are customizable. These cosmetics can include sprays, hats, rocket boost color, and more which can be included in the rocket pass as prizes as well.

Competitively, people can participate in tournaments that give prizes in game. They also have major tournaments for recognition and money. There are also daily tournaments that can be played by players who cannot participate in professional tournaments. These give in-game cosmetics to show off as well.

Rocket League is overall a well-rounded, fun game to play online casually or competitively. No matter what, it will be fun playing the game of car ball.