On campus

Congratulations Graduates

Dear Graduates,

We are proud of your accomplishments and proud that you are receiving your diploma from Tennessee Tech! You have worked hard to reach this point in your life. You have sacrificed and persisted. You have fought and survived. You have made it through the challenges in front of you. Now you are ready to soar!

This is a historic year in which you graduate. And despite the disruption in the world around us Tennessee Tech has moved forward. You too have moved forward. And because of our actions and your own positive and caring attitudes, we see results and appreciation in dealing with the challenges in front of us.

Tennessee Tech President Phil Oldham offers congratulations to students graduating during a historic school year. Photo provided by TTU Communication and Marketing.

Facing challenges – I see this as what we do in life. We face what comes and we make our lives and the lives of others better for it. This is what we hope you learned while at Tech. How to face obstacles. How to persist. How to make the world a better place no matter the circumstances. How to make a difference.

This is Living Wings Up!

Congratulations Fall 2020 graduates! You will always be remembered for the way you finished strong during a time of adversity. You have reached your goal, and no one can deny you are bold, fearless and confident.


President Tennessee Tech