Month: November 2020

On campus

Center for career development offers help for the future

The Center for Career Development hosts weekly Career Workshops in the RUC Multipurpose room every Tuesday and Thursday during dead hour.  Students can come to get their resume reviewed, learn how to set up their resume,  do well in an interview  or land that first-time position or internship. Analeigh Coats, […]

On campus

SOLO brings the Q&A to your screen

Through the rest of November, SOLO will be hosting four virtual Question and Answer events with famous cast members of Saturday Night Live and Netflix. Coordinator of Student Activities and Campus Life, Jerry Keeton, gives the inside scoop on how he got these well known comedians to speak to the […]

Off campus

Ralph’s vs. Big O Donuts: a Donut Duel

Cookeville is known for its college town charm, full of local businesses. Two locally-owned donut shops call Cookeville home, and the question must be asked: which donut shop is better, Ralph’s or Big O Donuts?  When asked this question, there is a clear divide among Tech students. Some are strong […]


Election draws to a close.

The 2020 presidential election has faced many challenges over the course of the campaign. From controversial topics to the coronavirus pandemic, candidates have been center stage as voters have critiqued how each would respond.  At last week’s debate, Americans were able to take one final examination of the two candidates […]