On campus

Letter from the managing editor

This semester, we start new. As I step into my new role as managing editor, I hope to capitalize on the new start this semester is offering. Throughout this semester, and the next, I hope to see The Oracle service the students, alumni, and faculty of this university like never before. 

As we enter a new spring semester, it’s hard not to think about spring 2020. We were all so unaware of the major storm brewing just under our noses. This new awareness of how unsure our future can be, is anxiety inducing. The only way for us to move forward into this new year and semester is to hold onto hope and make the best of what we have right now. 

As a student myself, I have fully experienced the frustrations the last two semesters have thrown at us. I never imagined I would enter my last two semesters as an undergrad student under such strange circumstances. I hope that my firsthand experience in student’s hardships can allow me to understand how The Oracle can service students best. 

Students are the heart of any university paper, but in this new era I want to build The Oracle’s connection to students even further. 

Today, we are experiencing history as it’s happening everyday, and it is in times like this we need a reliable voice to lean on. I hope that The Oracle can be that for students this semester and continue to be that long after we all graduate. 

Golden Eagles, I am so excited to learn and grow with you this semester. I am looking forward to what this new era brings us all.