Tech plans for Spring Break

After a mere two weeks of classes, many students find themselves longing for spring break. Fortunately for Tech students, President Oldham has decided to keep spring break in the schedule. Other schools, however, are making a different choice. 

The University of Tennessee Knoxville announced on their coronavirus guidelines page that spring courses would start, “a week later than originally planned,” and that the spring 2021 semester will, “not include a spring break, or a no-class day on April 1st.” 

This decision was made because of the risk of students bringing the virus back to school with them after the break. 

The academic calendar has been changed to limit student travel. The changes will help reduce the potential for travel-related spread of COVID-19 while maintaining the required number of instructional days…” the university stated. 

This information has made some people question if Tech is doing enough. In President Oldham’s eyes, the answer is yes, Tech is doing enough. As every student on campus knows, masks are required in any indoor public space, and anywhere social distancing is not possible. Healthy habits, such as frequent hand washing and covering coughs and sneezes, are also highly encouraged. Additionally, Tennessee Tech has a webpage dedicated to keeping count of the COVID-19 cases on campus.

 “We’ve shown we can follow safety protocols and safely stay the course. I encourage you to continue to wear masks in indoor spaces, and keep our focus and discipline at a high level, and please have some fun along the way,” President Oldham told students in his “Welcome Back” message. 

Many students are comforted by the fact that the administration at Tech is trying to give students the most normal college experience possible, while also keeping them safe.