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Baptist Collegiate Ministry Welcomes Students

Tennessee Tech has over 400 different clubs and student organizations, and it can be overwhelming to try and figure out which clubs and or organizations you want to join. 

Deciding which group to join, or which is the right fit, takes time and research. An easy way is to find something that interests you, and then find clubs or organizations that revolve around those interests. 

One of the more popular student-led organizations is the Baptist Collegiate Ministries.  BCM is a campus ministry that can be found on many college campuses. 

“It is a place for college students to find a Biblical community, grow in their faith in Jesus Christ, and serve the college campus,” Brooke Powers, BCM member, said.

“Involvement is easily accessible at the BCM. You can get involved by attending our weekly worship on Tuesday nights at 8 pm, our $1 lunch on Thursdays during dead hour, or just by dropping by the building to connect with staff and students. I’d say the best way to get involved is by joining a guy or girls’ small group where we discuss biblical principles and live life together,”  Powers said.

I decided to join the BCM because I wanted to make new friends and be a part of an organization. I’ve been involved in the ministry all four years of college and it’s been such a blessing in my life. I actually came to faith as a freshman and my involvement at the BCM allowed for discipleship to occur in my life and help in getting involved in a local church,” Powers said. (rescueresponse.com)  

“I chose to join because I was interested in seeing other denominations besides the one, I grew up in, and I grew up Catholic. I also knew a lot of people who were in BCM,” Kaley Scott, BCM member, said.   

Scott joined in the fall of 2019 and described her favorite activity that the BCM has done since she joined. 

“I went to Gatlinburg with them for a retreat and it was an amazing trip that made me truly feel more connected with my faith and with one of my friends! It is crazy to think I almost didn’t go, but I am so beyond glad I went,” Scott said.

The BCM has many different activities such as trivia night, worship night, or intramurals that one can participate in to get involved with the BCM.  

Scott explained why she joined and why the BCM means so much to her.

 “I got a lot of new friendships and everyone is like a family to me. I grew a lot closer to Christ and saw how important it is not only to build myself up in my faith but the others around me as well! Everyone was like my mentor,” Scott said.

The BCM is a student organization located on college campuses across the country and helps connect college students. It is a home away from home away from home for its members.  It provides a place  to connect with other students in a safe and fun environment. 

The BCM is located at 106 W 7th St, Cookeville and the phone number is (931) 526-4282.