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Student on the street

Do you dedicate more time to your subjects now with online classes or before when we had in-person classes?



Jovany Santiago-Carbonell
MET Major

“I prefer in-person classes, especially being an engineering major. A lot of our classes have labs that are best learned in-person, being hands-on with equipment from the work field. Although I prefer in-person, the switch to online classes has shown me a great aspect for future jobs. The switch has shown me the ability to adapt to new requirements, and keeping the same dedication in your work from the beginning in a short period of time.”



Jennifer Iyase
Pre-med, Biology Major

“With online classes going on, it is a little bit harder to understand the course material easily because sometimes some professors just post the lecture slides online, and tell us to go through them. As a result of this, I tend to actually teach myself most of the course material which takes me more time to comprehend.”



Joshua Mays
MTE Major

“I dedicated more time to my studies when we were in-person.  I feel like I was more focused in class because I had a face-to-face experience with my professor and classmates. In-person classes are more dynamic and engaging. I liked being able to interact and ask questions right then and there. For me, sometimes it is harder to focus during online sessions because of a tendency to be distracted by things around me in the area I am taking class in.”



Justin Egwuatu
Electrical Engineering

“I dedicate more time to my in-person classes because it helps me learn a lot better than through Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Personally, when I go to my in-person classes I am more engaged in the lesson and ask questions to my instructor that I would never ask if I was taking it online. Lastly, being a visual learner is another big reason why I prefer being in-person. I have to see it to believe it and remember information better.”