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EagleFit Fights for Healthier Campus

Living a healthy lifestyle is often quoted as the key to a happy and successful life. 

For college students, the notion of a completely healthy lifestyle can often feel unattainable. Throughout the stress of a pandemic and a semester ahead, students do not have to trail blaze the journey of healthy changes in their life alone. 

Tennessee Tech Office of Sustainability has launched a program known as EagleFit. This program partners with the more well known HealthierTN Movement. 

The EagleFit program has a  goal of promoting a healthier lifestyle for each individual. Mental health, diet, exercise and social well-being are a few aspects listed on the Tennessee Tech website. One of the points in the program is that ending the use of tobacco products is a main priority and will make the health goals of each student more attainable. 

Everyone can agree that to begin your journey to a better lifestyle, the gym is the place to start. One of the newest additions to campus is the Marc L. Burnett Student Recreation and Fitness Center, which is better known as “The Burn.” The campus gym allows for half capacity during coronavirus restrictions and even offers a live look via the website at how many people are in the gym before you visit. The Burn offers a weight area, pool, cardiovascular floor, track and fitness floor. Basketball, volleyball, racquetball and the rock climbing wall are a great way to get yourself in the habit of staying active. 

Kara Bowman is a third year student at Tech. She has recently taken steps to incorporate time for the gym into her daily routine. 

“ I like the new set up of the fitness center. I feel like I have more privacy which motivates me to go more often.” Bowman said. 

If you prefer to spend your active time outdoors, The Burn offers outdoor rentals to all students. Equipment used for camping, kayaking, climbing, backpacking and paddleboarding can be rented easily through the Tech website. 

Along with physical health, EagleFit is working to ensure students are mentally and socially healthy as well. Tech offers “WellTrack” which is an app that can also be accessed online. This wellness tracker allows students to document their moods and thoughts and even allows access to on-campus counselors. EagleFit program is also a strong supporter of getting involved and keeping a healthy social life while at Tech. Greek life, intramural sports and other organizations are encouraged. 

Find out how to improve your daily habits and overall health by using the Healthy Habit Quiz linked at www.tntech.edu/sustainability/eaglefit.php. EagleFit will continue to provide many amenities online for students to study and tailor-fit to their own lives and needs. EagleFit may be the program that many students need to take the first step towards a healthier future and overall lifestyle.