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Esports at Tech

Becoming a professional in video gaming is possible for Tech students. From hosting major tournaments to meeting other collegiate players, Tech e-sports has become a place where people can make their professional career a reality. 

Jamison “Menti” Boyd, president of Tech e-sports, started his journey in this field in 2017. He joined because of his drive to compete on a grand stage against other rival opponents.

“I have always wanted to compete in gaming tournaments. Honestly, no real training [is required], as there is no conventional training for e-sports besides having the competitive spirit,” Boyd said.

Collegiate e-sports teams help develop skills that allow teams to compete on a big stage in the mindset of teamwork, intense moments and decision-making plays.

When asked what skills are needed when joining something like this, Boyd replied, “Communication, hand-eye coordination, [being] open to constructive criticism and time management.”

If there is a person who is just joining Tech that is wondering about this club, Joshua Rampy, e-sports social media manager and Valorant player, had some advice.  

“Our community is always open for new people, and if you want to be involved follow one of our accounts or better yet just join the discord! We have a competitive side and the more relaxed side of the club, so even if you just want to find some people on campus to play games, the discord is perfect for that,” Rampy said.

Even when COVID-19 hit the world, it was still possible for the teams to play because most of the gaming happens online. Their meetings are also held online.

Rampy explained about  tournaments being run this semester after COVID-19 hit. 

“Our teams will continue to compete in tournaments that are held online, but sadly there will be no in-person tournaments. Actually, our esports club is partnering with Red Bull to host the local qualifiers for their nationwide collegiate Valorant tournament, and all current students are eligible for it,” Rampy said.

There currently aren’t any internships for the field, but they are hoping they can acquire a varsity program, which is a program that allows a team more resources, connections and would help represent the college as an established e-sports team. 

Both Boyd and Rampy explained how excited they were for this season of e-sports, and hope they can perform nationally as time progresses.

Any person at Tech can join this team. There are no requirements needed. For additional information, their social media can be found at www.linktr.ee/TNTechEsports.

Photo provided by Tech esports