Austin Peay vs Tennessee Tech – Baseball Recap

Tech on fire during their first baseball game, 13-6 win over Austin Peay


Tech sings a victory song in their first baseball game against Austin Peay with a score of 13-6 to begin their 2021 season. 

Tech started their first baseball game on Saturday, Mar. 13.  They were away at Raymond C. Hand Park hosted by Austin Peay. 

Golston Gillespie was able to get a new career-high of five runs with a couple of homeruns during the game.  

Tech began the score with Ed Johnson, sophomore shortstop, by hitting an RBI single to left-center field after Cody Littlejohn started with a double making the score 1-0. 

Austin Peay went to bat and was able to smack a two-run dinger to the right of the field to take the 2-1 lead. 

Tech got back on the field to tie up the game by Brett Roberts which made the score 2-2 in the top of the third. 

With bases loaded, the first baseman cracked a shot to right field for the team’s first ever grand slam of the season and first round-tripper. This would push the score 6-2 in favor of Tech. 

Will Long, catcher, would score in the sixth inning to add to the score, but Austin Peay was able to score a couple for their team changing the score to 7-4. 

Long made a single hit to the left with two outs. Theo Bryant IV hit a double to the right side of the field. Freshman Hayden Gilliland also hit a single to the right side. Johnson was able to hit a two-run single. Austin Peay was able to also score a couple of runs on their possession as well. Tech had a lead of 13-6.  

It was a high scoring game, but Austin Peay just could not return from the deficit. Tech wins the game 13-6. 

Photo provided by Robert Smith of APSU Athletics