Tech volleyball season comes to an end, senior night on Monday

Tech volleyball season is coming to a close

Tech Women’s Volleyball is almost at its end for the season. Their current 7-7 overall record shines a light on their performance for the season. 

The team has been able to adapt and progress through a completely changed season schedule with teams going against each other back-to-back.

“This season has been a change for everyone in the United States. This team has been great in transitioning into a different [type of] season,” Coach Jeannette Waldo said how hard the team has worked.

The team consisted of a squad of freshman and sophomore players with only one senior player, so it was a new challenge for the team to bring new chemistry to the court. That did not stop them from continuing to do their jobs.

“It has been pretty up and down like figuring out that our season was going to be postponed until the spring. It obviously wasn’t the best feeling, but it gave us the fall off-season to get our team chemistry down, getting to work together and workshopping,” Taylor Dorsey, middle blocker, said. “So far as this season goes, it did not start out the best,  but we did not want that to set the tone for the rest of the season. We know how to bounce back.”

“It isn’t just about mind games. It is a combination of both heart and mind. You have to have both in order to do well on the court,”  Coach Waldo said about how the game is not just about mind games. 

Volleyball is more than just a simple game. There is a lot of practice, strategy, precision and drive that goes into playing the game.

Ali Verzani is the only senior on the Women’s Volleyball team during this season. She will be recognized during her senior night on Monday, Mar. 29 at 6:00 p.m.

“We always joke around with her saying she’s old… because she has been in college longer than all of us. But she has definitely been great, phenomenal, there are no words to describe how much of an impact she has made on all of us,” Dorsey said regarding  Verzani being a veteran. 

Coach Waldo shared her appreciation for Verzani’s integrity on and off the court. She said how much respect she has for what Verzani has done and appreciates the hard work she has put into the team. She added that she hopes to continue to see great things from Verzani in the future.

The volleyball team will play Belmont at home on Sunday, Mar. 28 at 7:00 p.m. and Monday, Mar. 29 at 6:00 p.m. Senior night will be happening on Monday, Mar. 29 during the game. For more information about Tech women’s volleyball, visit 

Photo provided by Jim Dillion