On campus

Vaccines now Available

 COVID-19 has affected our world this past year like we have never seen before. In these unprecedented times, many live much differently than before the pandemic. COVID-19 has changed many aspects of normal life, but Tennessee Tech students may see a light at the end of the tunnel. 

Tech announced that COVID-19 vaccine shots will soon be available on campus to students who qualify. The vaccines will be given out after Spring Break concludes on Mar. 22. This news came on Mar. 19 via the Tech news email that is sent out to all students. 

In that email, Tech provided a link to check if you are eligible for the vaccine. Students must qualify under the State of Tennessee phased criteria group 1C. For now, the vaccine is in limited quantities, so they are trying to get the vaccine to those who need it most. 

Tech students can now get their COVID-19 vaccine at Health Services. Health Services in located in Bell Hall. Photo provided by U.S. Air Force Reserve, Photo by Sgt. Christopher S Muncy.

The COVID-19 vaccination has only been available for a few months now, but this could give students a chance to see more normalcy than they have in the past year. Tech offering the vaccine to qualifying students could really help students who need the vaccination and could not receive it otherwise. 

The vaccinations will be given out at Tech Health Services on campus. Students will need to call and make an appointment between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. Students can contact Health Services at 931-372-3320. Vaccinations will be free.