Student on the street

“Have you ever had to use lockdown browser? If so, what has your experience been like with it?


Gage Jones
Computer Science Major

“I really did not like having to pay fifteen dollars for it but also it only lasts for one semester so if you take two semesters of classes you have to pay for it again even if it’s only for one class. Also, it makes you really nervous and uncomfortable for no reason even if you know you are not planning on cheating. Sometimes I would have to use my phone as my calculator, I would show my calculator and then I realize it’s dead and then I would have to use my phone but I feel really nervous using my phone because they are going to think I am cheating even though I am clearly not.”


Alex Darnell
Computer Engineering Major

“I thought it was just fine for the most part.  It only got a bit frustrating whenever you would look down to use a scratch paper or something and immediately the screen would flash and tell you to look back up or else it would flag in some sort of cheating event. But, other than that I did not have a problem with it.”


Josh Mays

“It was pretty straight forward. I felt comfortable using it but I didn’t feel comfortable being recorded and that’s because I don’t like being recorded.  But, other than that I understand why the professors use the recording part to prevent cheating. Overall, I like it, it’s nothing too bad where you can’t handle it.”