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SGA Elects Officers for the 21-22 Year

Tech held their Student Government Association executive elections On April 13, 2021. SGA President, Aaron Lay, won his re-election and will continue his term until 2022. This will be Lay’s second year as SGA President. 

After having to deal with the coronavirus pandemic this past year, Lay has had to make the most of his 2020 term by being creative and positive despite all the challenges.

“We have been challenged to think outside the box and come up with innovative solutions to ensure we are providing great campus wide events for students. Our virtual SOLO events have been a wonderful way for our students to still be engaged on campus despite some restrictions. Additionally, it has challenged the SGA to utilize technology in the workings of our organization,” Lay said.

Aaron Lay currently serves as SGA president. Photo provid- ed by Aaron Lay

“I have thoroughly enjoyed being able to work with and advocate for my fellow students this year. I first ran for President going into my junior year and had explored the opportunities of two terms from the beginning. Following the immensely different year we have experienced, I became more and more excited about the chance to serve my fellow students for two academic years,” Lay said.

Lay also said that the experience of being SGA president has been very beneficial, and he hopes to take what he has learned so far as president and apply it to his next term and his career.

“The Student Government Association is a multi-disciplinary group of students that represent a student body with a vast range of socio-economic, geographical, and cultural backgrounds. Working with this team of students has given me a great perspective that I hope to take with me throughout my career. I have been challenged to truly listen better to the opinions of my peers. Finding value in adaptability and learning to come to compromises that benefit all sides has been inspiring,” Lay said.

In 2021, Lay is looking forward to hosting SGA events and representing students in and out of the classroom. 

“I am excited about the campus programming and events that will come back to life as we move further out of the pandemic. I look forward to continuing to be a voice for students and advocate for their needs not only in the classroom but in all aspects of the student experience on campus,” Lay said.

To learn more about the SGA and their re-elected president, visit their social media pages or website.