Intramural Sports Recap Q&A With Spencer Ryan

Q: Why should students play intramural sports?

A: Intramural sports is a great way for students to interact with their peers, let off steam from school, and participate in physical activity. It helps with team building. It helps with just to be able to compete in an activity in a supervised setting with refs, with everything they need. They don’t need to bring anything. We have everything for them. 

Q: What sports were you able to have this year?

A: In the fall we offered softball and four on four volleyball indoor. We also had corn hole and badminton. For the spring we offered two v two basketball, five vs. five flag football, spike ball, and five vs. five indoor soccer. On top of that we had some other small stuff like our golf tournament, esports, and pickleball. 

Q: How were you able to overcome the obstacles this year brought?

A: It was rough. We’ve always had seven on seven flag football, always had regular type of rules for that, so when we did have to make changes like five on five… We had to change the whole rules of the game. The same thing when we had decided to do indoor soccer. We had never done that before. Now we have this new building we were able to do that. It made it where every sport we offer we had to come up with new rules because of the COVID-19 changes. That was difficult because on a regular year we might do one new sport, so we usually only have to come up with new rules, new things for one sport new sport. But this year made it to where we had to think about everything when we’re making the rules for the sport. We’re thinking, okay masks are going to be required. Okay what is able to happen in masks. It was difficult with enforcing policies like masks when you’re playing because it’s obvious you can’t breathe. That’s difficult on us and our student employees and our student officials. To help keep people spread apart were difficulties that we had to overcome this semester and last semester.

Q: What will you be able to do next fall?

A: The main thing relies on the university’s policies with masks and stuff. We are planning to have seven on seven flag football. Next semester we’re going to start with softball again like we usually do then go to flag football, and then have outdoor soccer. With the mask policy that all relies on the university’s policy. We have to follow the university’s policy, but we are planning on having seven on seven flag football, 10 on 10 softballs, and eight on eight soccer in the fall along with all the little stuff that we usually offer in the middle of those three main sports.