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Phi Mu and Sigma Chi are the Overall Winners of Tech’s 90th Homecoming

Three male students stand in front of a Sigma Chi tent.
Phi Mu and Sigma Chi placed in all five competitions. Students give a wings up at Sigma Chi’s tent during the tailgate. Photo by Sarah Aku.

Phi Mu and Sigma Chi were the overall winners of Tech’s 90th homecoming, Tech Back in Time. Jazmine Lawson and Hunter Vick were crowned the 2021 Mr. and Miss Tennessee Tech during the homecoming game on Saturday, Nov. 13.

Phi Mu and Sigma Chi took first place in the banner competition, skit night and the crowdfunding competition. They came in second in the cornhole competition and parade float.

Homecoming banners went up in the UC’s lobby on Monday, Nov. 9. Each student organization took on the theme, Tech Back in Time: Homecoming Through the Decades, by picking a different decade and designing their banners around it. New Hall South and Delta Phi Epsilon/Kappa Alpha tied for third place. Alpha Delta Pi and Kappa Sigma took second.

On Nov. 10, student organizations filled Derryberry Auditorium for the skit night competition. Phi Mu and Sigma Chi continued their reign in first place, with Kappa Delta and Phi Gamma in second, and Alpha Delta Pi and Kappa Sigma in third.

Banners hanging in RUC with Awesome Eagle wearing a cowboy hat, a Volkswagen Microbus, and people sitting on top of a bus looking at a scoreboard.
Phi Mu and Sigma Chi won the banner competition on Nov. 8. Photo by Cassandra Pratt.

Student organizations raised $54,091 dollars for the Tennessee Tech Food Pantry during the crowdfunding competition on Nov. 11. This is the third and final competition that Phi Mu and Sigma Chi held onto first. Kappa Delta and Phi Gamma, and Alpha Delta Pi and Kappa Sigma also placed for raising so much money.

New Hall South took first in the cornhole tournament. All of the student organizations still showed up to compete in this competition despite it being rained out and moved to the Tech pride room.

The homecoming parade made its grand return the morning before the football game. Student organizations spent hours working on their floats, in hopes to secure that first place slot. Alpha Delta Pi and Kappa Sigma took first in this competition with their 1920’s themed float, the Great Golden Gatsby. Phi Mu and Sigma Chi still placed in this competition taking second, and Delta Phi Epsilon and Kappa Alpha took third.

During the football game it was announced that after placing in every competition, Phi Mu and Sigma Chi took home the gold for overall homecoming. Alpha Delta Pi and Kappa Sigma came in second place, and Delta Phi Epsilon and Kappa Alpha came in third.

“Being able to come together with Sigma Chi and raise money for the food pantry and put in a countless amount of hours in for the other homecoming events to win was such an amazing experience, and I would do it all again,” Tori Knox, Phi Mu philanthropy chair, said.

Hunter Vick, a mechanical engineering senior nominated by Sigma Chi, and Jazmine Lawson, a business management senior nominated by Kappa Delta,were crowned Mr. and Miss Tennessee Tech during halftime on Nov. 13.

According to her profile provided by SGA, Lawson has served in the SGA freshman senate, as a student orientation assistant, as the social media captain for the trailblazers, in the panhellenic recruitment counselor, a member of Kappa Delta sorority, and a student lead at the fitness center. According to Vick’s profile, he has served as a Young Life leader, an Annotator for Sigma Chi, and served on the Sigma Chi executive committee.

In between announcing winners, the Golden Eagle football team faced off against the UT Martin Skyhawks. The Skyhawks ultimately defeated Tech 43-3, but that did not keep students from celebrating their wins and the return of an in-person homecoming.

Tech football players run out of a tunnel onto the football field holding Tech and U.S. flags.
The Golden Eagle football team went up against the UT Martin Skyhawks and ultimately lost 43-3. Photo by Sarah Aku.
Mr. and Miss Tennessee Tech walk arm-in-arm across Tech's football field.
Hunter Vick, mechanical engineering senior and Jazmine Lawson, business management senior won 2021 Mr. and Miss Tennessee Tech at Tucker Stadium on Saturday Nov. 14. Photo by Sarah Aku.