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Tech Women’s Basketball Number One in Ohio Valley Conference After Win Over Austin Peay

Tech women's basketball player dribbles around Austin Peay player as she looks toawrds the basket.
Jada Guinn, #24, moves the ball around her opponent in the Ohio Valley Conference women’s basketball game at the Hooper Eblen Center on January 20, 2022. Tech defeats SIUE 75 to 60, carrying on their winning streak.
Photo by Ronald Metz.

Tech is now number one in the OVC for women’s basketball after a win against Austin Peay 59-56 on Jan. 29.

Anna Jones, Tech’s point guard, was the game leader for Tech with 16 points scored, a 5/15 field goal percentage and a 4/9 free throw percentage. Jones was also the leader in rebounds and assists for Tech with nine rebounds, three defensive rebounds and six offensive rebounds. She also had four assists, with seven turnovers in 35 minutes of playing time.

Austin Peay’s leaders were Lyric Cole, APSU’s forward, with 13 points, 6/8 field goal percentage and 1/5 free throw percentage. Cole was also the leader in rebounds with nine rebounds. Five rebounds were defensive and four were offensive. APSU’s assist leader was Ella Sawyer with four assists and four turnovers in 36 minutes.

Tech’s field goal percentage was 36.2 while Austin Peay’s was 41.5. For three-point percentages,Tech was 35 while APSU’s was 25. Tech had 11 turnovers and 31 rebounds while APSU had 17 turnovers and 39 rebounds.

Since December, Tech’s women’s basketball team has played 14 games. Seven were at home while the other seven were on the road.​ Tech won 10-3.

Tech lost against Tennessee 76-48 on Dec. 1.

On Dec. 5, Tech defeated Western Kentucky 76-72.

In another win for Tech, Tech played Western Carolina on Dec. 9. The final score was 67-50.

The winning streak continued in the game against Tennessee Wesleyan on Dec. 16. The final score was 84-34.

The scheduled game against Samford on Dec. 19 was canceled due to COVID.

On Dec. 30, Tech went head-to-head against Tennessee State for their first OVC game. It went into overtime and the final score was 96-93, resulting in Tech’s first loss in three games and first loss against an OVC opponent.

For their first OVC win of the season, Tech played Murray State on Jan. 1. The final score was 65-62.

Against Morehead State, Tech won 78-48. Tech played Murray State again on Jan. 8, but Tech was defeated 70-45.

On Jan. 13, Tech won against Southeast Missouri State 75-58.

Tech defeated SIUE 75-60 on Jan. 20.

Continuing their winning streak, Tech beat Belmont 57-55 on Jan. 22.

During the Jan. 24 game, Eastern Illinois was defeated by Tech 65-60.

Tech will be on the road against Morehead State Feb. 3 at 4 p.m. Their next home is against Belmont on Feb. 5 at 5:30 p.m. They will then be on the road for their next two games against Eastern Illinois and SUIE. Eastern Illinois tip-off will be at 5 p.m. on Feb. 10 and SIUE’s tip-off is at 1 p.m. on Feb.12.