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Tech Alumnus Earns 25th Grammy Nomination

Blanton Alspaugh poses with a Grammy award.
Blanton Alspaugh will be in attendance at the Grammy Awards in Las Vegas on April 3 in the hopes of winning his 12th Grammy Award. Photo by @RecordingAcad, @robbysphotos

Tech alumnus, Blanton Alspaugh, will be in Las Vegas this spring as a nominee for the prestigious Producer’s Award during the 64th annual Grammy Awards.

“Everybody in the business I am in is working hard and to have your colleagues point to what you’ve done and say that it’s a great work is special,” Alspaugh said. “The fact that our colleagues single us out and recognize us for doing the best work we can do is just an extra bonus and gift on top of the satisfaction of doing good work ourselves.”

Many may not realize this is not Alspaugh’s first Grammy nomination. This will be the 25th nomination of Alspaugh’s career, and he has won 11 of those nominations such as Best Opera Recording, Producer of the Year and more.

Alspaugh received his bachelor’s degree in music education from Tech before attending Rice University in Texas to obtain his master’s degree of music in orchestral conducting. Alspaugh currently works as a senior producer at Soundmirror, a classical music production company based in Massachusetts.

The Grammy nomination is a great testament to not only the success of Alspaugh himself, but a great testament to Tech’s Fine Arts program as well.

“TTU and the College of Fine Arts has so many talented alumni including Mr. Alspaugh. This Grammy nomination is just another great example of the excellence here at Tech,” the dean of the College of Fine Arts, Dr. Jennifer Shank, said. “Our faculty are some of the best in the country, not only are they at the top of their fields in their playing, compositions and creative activity but they put our students first.”

Tech students within this program have access to award-winning musicians everyday in their classes and other campus activities in order to help them succeed in their future careers.

Shank also shared her advice for students within the Bryan College of Fine Arts who may be interested in work such as Alspaugh’s.

“As students, you all should pursue your passions. Your experiences here at Tennessee Tech will take you far in whatever avenue in music you seek out. You are only limited by your imagination,” Shank said.

Alspaugh has completed many musical works throughout his career that have led up to his many Grammy nominations. His recent work convinced his peers to nominate him for this year’s Producer’s Award include: “Kyr: In Praise of Music” by Joshua Copeland and the Antioch Chamber Ensemble, “Hymns of Kassiani” by Alexander Lingas and Cappella Romana, as well as many more.

However, during his time as a Tech student, Alspaugh never thought he would be in the position he is in today.

“My goals changed as I moved through school and through life with some doors closing while others opened. I adopted other goals and a different path as I worked for my bachelor’s degree, so I certainly did not expect to be where I am today during my time there,” Alspaugh said.

The 11-time Grammy winning producer offered encouragement for students who hope to find themselves in the same position as him someday.

“You can always win an award, but if you don’t, do not feel like you have failed somehow.” Alspaugh said. “That is why you should always keep an eye out for any way to be useful to your colleagues, because we all have a goal in mind but if that goal does not work out we have to keep working hard. Life is full of surprises, so don’t be disappointed when it surprises you.”