SGA Committee Meeting

Tech’s Student Government Association hosted their first committee meeting led by president, Addison Dorris, and vice president, Jacob Cherry.

Tech’s Student Government Association hosted their first committee meeting on Sept. 12 in the RUC’s Multi-Purpose Room at 7 p.m..

The meeting was led by Tech’s president, Addison Dorris, and vice president, Jacob Cherry. In the first section of the meeting, club presidents and representatives presented their SOLO applications to the committee. These applications included requests for funding and approval of workshops, social events, concerts and speakers.

Jacob Cherry assisted SGA president, Addison Dorris in leading the first SGA committee meeting.

 A request was made for a joint workshop hosted by the Association of Computing Machinery and the Women’s Association of Computing Machinery. Nate Dunlap, president of the ACM, stated, “We are looking to hold a GIT coding practice workshop. We also wish to host a speaker who currently works in the iCUBE. He will talk to us and interested students about web design. ( ”

Tech’s ACDA was represented by their president, Carlos Amela, who forwarded their request to host an annual event, the Festival of Voices. Amela stated, “This festival brings high school students across Tennessee to work with our guest conductor, Dr. Michael Waltz. It is one of the biggest recruitment opportunities for the School of Music.”

In total, there were 18 applications, and all requests were passed by the committee with no objections and minimal questions. Approved funding requests ranged from $50 to $1500.

Continuing the committee’s agenda, members updated their reports on meetings they had attended since the beginning of the semester, including reports on construction, demolitions, sororities and ways Tech is attempting to improve their sustainability and communication with students. They also stated they had turned down applications for shirts because it goes against Chapter 606. Lastly, events, such as an sustainability showcase at the Tech Plaza on Oct. 13, were confirmed. 

Since it was the first meeting of the fall 2022 semester, new business that needed to be addressed was establishing prospective members of the Supreme Court and executive cabinet. These new members were recommended by President Dorris and were officially appointed after being voted in by the committee. Members of the committee were then appointed for office positions by the president, due to none showing interest and running a campaign during the semester.

They ended the meeting with Dorris breaking the committee into office groups to discuss plans for the new semester. 

The next meeting held by SGA will be a Senate meeting on Sept. 19 at 7 p.m. in the RUC’s Multi-Purpose Room. It will be open to all Tech students and staff.