Tech Faculty Senate in Violation of Tennessee Law

The Faculty Senate has failed to publish meeting minutes and dates on the Tech website since April 18, 2022. To this day, there remains no update from the organization. This lack of “timely” updates is in direct violation of Tennessee’s open records code TCA 8-44-103 with failure to post a notice of conducted meetings.


“Any such governmental body [pertaining to regular and special meetings] which holds a meeting previously scheduled by statute, ordinance, or resolution shall give adequate public notice of such meeting,” Tennessee law states.

According to the Tech website, the Senate serves as a “representative voice of the teaching and research faculty. It provides a forum for the free discussion of any issue of interest or of concern to members of the faculty.” It also plays an advisory role by informing Tech faculty and administration of the resolutions of said discussions. 

The Senate is composed of faculty representatives from each college and are either members of the academic or administrative council. Members of the University Assembly are required to also be members of the Senate. Per the Tech website, the Senate has a president-elect, president, past president and secretary.


This established organization is well equipped with the staff and resources needed to publish meeting agendas, minutes and dates, which is critical to keeping the public informed on Tech related matters. 

“We are having meetings. I have been working on minutes and notes from September meetings and they should be approved and posted at the next business meeting…I appreciate your interest and promise, I am doing the best I can to get minutes transcribed, approved and posted asap,” Tech Faculty Senate Secretary, Dr. Christy Killman. Killman is a Professor Chair for the Department of Exercise Science as well as the exercise science (EXPW) Graduate Studies Coordinator for the College of Education.