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Drake and 21 Savage release “Her Loss” to high quality results

   While there were multiple high-profile releases Friday night, the album that caused the most online discourse was Drake and 21 Savage’s collaboration album “Her Loss.” An hour of material from two of the most acclaimed and discussed rappers of the last decade is bound to cause discussion and, in this case, quality.  

   Throughout the week of releases, both Drake and 21 Savage teased the cover art and the track list. “Her Loss” contains fifteen tracks, with four being solo Drake songs and one being a solo 21 Savage song. Most of the album is performed by Drake, but the chemistry between the two rappers is undeniable.  

   “Her Loss” boasts an impressive array of producers. Drake’s main producer Noah “40” Shebib has multiple credits on the album, as well as Metro Boomin, a frequent collaborator with 21 Savage. Alongside these legendary producers, you can find credits for Boi-1da, Lil Yachty, Tay Keith and more. 

   The only featured performer credited on “Her Loss” is Travis Scott on “Pussy & Millions,” who delivers a quality verse over an epic, synth-heavy instrumental. Uncredited features include ad-libs from Lil Yachty on the tracks “Major Distribution” and “BackOutsideBoyz” and outros from Arthur Kar on “On BS” and hip-hop mogul Birdman on “Middle of the Ocean.” 

   Lyrically, “Her Loss” focuses on the absurd success that Drake and 21 Savage, but especially Drake, have achieved. This is the first album in years that does not see Drake self-pitying like 2016’s “Views” or 2021’s “Certified Lover Boy.” He seems to be having fun which translates into the listening experience. 

   The album’s backdrop is darker than any other Drake album, which is undoubtedly due to his utilization of 21 Savage. “Her Loss” feels like a Drake album with frequent 21 Savage appearances which are some of the most entertaining moments on the record.  

   Through 21 Savage’s last two records, “i am > i was” and “SAVAGE MODE II,” he has proven to be able to easily hold the spotlight and provide some of the grittiest yet funniest bars throughout hip hop over the years. 21 Savage delivers his verses with the same hunger as when he came on the scene is 2015, if not to a greater extent.


Issa Tony Desk performance …. #HerLoss

♬ original sound – 21

   “I don’t show ID at clubs, ‘cause they know that I’m 21” on “Treacherous Twins” may be simple but is a definitive example of the one liners that make listening to 21 Savage so fun. His monotone delivery is menacing and causes his humorous lines to be that much more appalling. Another favorite is “I can’t right my wrongs, but I can still write this hooks” on “On BS.”

While “Her Loss” works as a return-to-form for rapping-Drake, the classic r&b elements that you would expect from a Drake record remain. “Major Distribution” opens with Drake singing the intro before dropping into a trap banger. “Hours of Silence” and the closer “I Guess It’s Fuck Me” contain the most sung performances from Drake and, while they aren’t the most high-energy songs on the record, that doesn’t take away from their quality.

Overall, “Her Loss” is an impressive feat from both Drake and 21 Savage and is one of the highest quality albums from front to back from Drake in years. The duo bring the best out of each other. This is the album that Drake fans have been waiting patiently for and, in general, I’m always excited to hear what both Drake and 21 Savage have to offer with their new releases, and this one definitely delivered.