Midterm Elections to Determine Political Landscape of Next Two Years


Voting in midterm elections closes Nov.8. The ballot includes amendments to the Tennessee Constitution, congressional races and the race for Governor. Photo by Ayrianna Kiral-King.

Midterm elections will take place on Nov. 8. Due to early voting, the results are not in the Democrats’ favor as the majority is rather thin. 


The Senate is currently split 50-50, with Vice President Kamala Harris’s tie-breaking vote giving them the advantage. 


The majority of midterm elections are focused on two chambers of Congress: the Senate and the House of Representatives. Members of the Senate are elected for six-year terms, meaning a third of the 100 seats are available during the election while members of the House are voted in for a two-year term. All 435 seats are decided upon during the election.

The midterm election has a heavy impact on how the president carries out his term. A president’s ability to achieve their agenda has everything to do with what party controls Congress. Midterm elections shape the progress made by the president currently in office. 


The Democratic Party has held the bulk of both House and Senate for the past two years. This aids President Biden in passing the laws he wishes. However, the margin by which Democrats outweigh Republicans is rather thin, meaning this election could sway the House or the Senate into Republican hands. 


Reshaping Congress will affect the daily lives of every American. A good example of this is abortion rights. The overturning of Roe v. Wade has benefited the Republican agenda. The results of midterm election will shape the future of abortion rights. The Democratic goal is to protect abortion rights while Republicans wish to ban abortion up to 15 weeks. 


Inflation is another issue that will be affected by the election. Gas prices are increasing and student loan forgiveness ended before it started. Unfortunately, Congress can do little about inflation despite its importance. Two popular solutions include the gas tax holiday and increasing American income rather than bringing down gas prices. Although Congress does not have the ability to directly bring down inflation, the party that controls Congress will lead the government’s response to the economy.


If Republicans prevail, immigration, religious rights and crime will be a priority. Democrats will prioritize the environment, healthcare, voting rights and gun control. Whoever controls the House and Senate not only helps shape the remainder of Biden’s term, but the White House’s political agenda and the 2024 presidential elections.