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SGA Members Share Thoughts on Tennessee Midterm Election

Tech SGA members expressed their thoughts concerning the state midterm election and stressed the importance of voting.
The Associated Press gave online results as a guide to understanding this year’s election. With nine seats in the House of Representatives up for election this year, as well as election for state governor, Tennessee voters were faced with making important decisions regarding their state legislative leaders.
Addison Dorris, student body president, shared her perspective on voting rights and the impact students have on the election: “Throughout our entire lives we are told that, as Americans, we have the right to vote. But, what we fail to realize is the severe consequences of when we fail to take advantage of that right.”
Dorris continued, “When you don’t vote, you are giving up your voice. You are letting others make decisions for you. If you want to see change and progress, you must get to the polls and let your voice be heard!”
In this year’s election, Tennessee maintained its reputation as a red state with eight Republican seats won in the House of Representatives to one Democratic seat.
In addition, governor re-elect Bill Lee won against Democratic candidate Jason Martin weighing 65.3% to 32.6% of votes reported. Independent candidates accounted for the other percentage of votes.
Dorris stated, “As young adults, we are the least likely age demographic to vote in both midterm and presidential elections. However, our generation is quick to share a post to their Instagram story about a cause they are passionate about. If you want to see progress, it takes more than clicking a button on your phone. It takes going to your nearest polling location and casting your vote- that is how progress is achieved. Furthermore, progress is made at the state and local levels, and we must actively participate in these elections.”

Savannah Griffin, SGA secretary, stressed the importance of voting: “I hear many times that young people do not believe their vote is worthwhile, but what they don’t realize is that it’s our now, our future, and our country’s future that we are advocating for. We have power in our voices and in our votes.” 

The SGA president encouraged her fellow students to make a difference in their state legislation and seek resources regarding elections.“There are tons of resources online that can help you be an educated voter. My favorite resource is the GoVoteTN app, which provides all of the information you need to find your polling place, sample ballots, and current elected officials.”

For students who didn’t participate in this year’s election cycle, Dorris encouraged them to make a plan for next time and become engaged in their local, state, and national elections: “Change starts with you. Make your voice heard.”