20 Gift Ideas For The College Student in Your Life

Give the college student in your life a gift they will actually use.

The Christmas season is approaching us which means the fall semester is coming to an end for college students and they will be returning home soon for the holiday season. This means it is time to start thinking of what to get your college student for Christmas. College students are harder to surprise with Christmas gifts than when they were as a child. So here are 20 gift ideas your college student will actually want this Christmas. 


1.Polaroid Camera

You know what they say, history repeats itself. Polaroid pictures once again hold popularity among college aged students. Give your college student the gift of memories documented and printed in the moment.


2. HP Sprocket Printer

For all of the photos not taken on a polaroid, we have a HP Sprocket Printer that can still print them out in wallet size pretty fast. This tiny printer that can fit in the back of your pocket prints 3×2 photos directly off your phone via bluetooth. There is no doubt your college student will love this gift for their photo wall.


3.Carhartt Beanie

The Carhartt beanie now holds two purposes for a college student: warmth and style. A carhartt beanie can be used to keep your college student’s head warm, all while fitting in with the current trends. Common favorite colors include brown, black, white and green. 


4.Long winter jacket

While we’re talking about staying warm, a long winter jacket is always a must have on a college campus. Long walks to class feel even longer in the low temperatures of winter. Consider buying your college student a new jacket to go along with their Carhartt beanie, and maybe throw a pair of gloves in there too. 


5.Keurig Coffee Machine

Time, money, and energy, these are three things that college students lack excessively. This is why coffee is as good as medicine to a college student. A keurig coffee machine will gift your college student a warm coffee every morning as soon as they wake up without having to shed a lot of time, money or energy.


6.New Luggage 

College students are at the age where they first start traveling and need their own luggage. Whether they are traveling home, taking road trips with friends, planning study abroad semesters, or just taking trips to travel while they’re young, a set of good luggage is something a college student will definitely appreciate and put to good use. 


7.Hand-held steamer

An iron and iron board can be a pretty hefty energy and time consuming thing. Two things that we just said college students do not have a lot of. So this Christmas, gift them with a hand held steamer, which can be used to get the wrinkles out with the push of a button and about three total minutes. 


8.New Shoes

College students are on their feet a lot walking from class to class. Some even workout to keep the freshman fifteen away. A new pair of sneakers will not only make your college student feel fresh in their style, but also keep their feet feeling good. 


9.Waterproof speaker

It may be winter time, but look ahead to the warm weather of summer and swimming. A waterproof speaker will provide your college student with some good music for a good time with their good friends. This could even be used for some singing in the shower. 


10.Weighted blanket

A weighted blanket has many purposes for a college student including staying warm in cool dorm rooms, causing your student to sleep better, and fighting stress and anxiety. Something that causes you to sleep better and stress less, that sounds like the perfect gift for a college student. 


11.Air fryer

An air fryer is the perfect gift for a college student having to learn how to cook for themselves for the first time. College is often when teenagers learn how expensive and time consuming food is. So any ways to add to the food fund in their life will be a great gift. 


12.School supplies

We may be in college, but your typical elementary school supplies are something we still need. Most things are online nowadays, but college students still find themselves needing pens, pencils, notebooks, notecards, highlighters, scissors, tape, etc. Consider visiting the school supplies aisle this holiday season for your college student.


13.School merch

Can a college student ever have too much school merch? The short answer is, no. Shirts, pants, socks, hats, cups, notebooks, stickers, anything with our school name, logo, mascot, or colors we will more than likely love. 


14.Business attire

College students are about to enter the workfield and some may even be at the age of internships and interviews. Nice, classy business attire is not something many college students will think about, but it is definitely something they will need. Start their business attire with a nice button up, or pair of dress pants. 


15.Card games and board games

Card games and board games always provide a free, fun time with friends no matter the age. This is why it is the perfect gift for college students to bring back with them. Who doesn’t love a good game of uno or monopoly? 


16.Electric scooter 

There is a lot of walking on a college campus, and not everybody enjoys the extra steps. An electric scooter could be the gift of your college student’s dreams. Even if it is not electric, an old fashioned scooter will still probably bring them a lot of joy. 



Not a fan of an electric scooter? A bicycle is another great gift idea on wheels for your college student. A bicycle can also be considered as an eco friendly gift as it gives your college student a way of transportation without them having to drive their car. 


18.2023 planner and calendar 

A college student has a lot happening in their life at one time. Trying to balance assignments, work, friends, religion, and home life can be overwhelming for a students schedule. A yearly planner that breaks down hours of the day could be a gift that your stressed college student never knew they needed.


19.Nalgene water bottle

Staying healthy and hydrated is important in every person’s life, especially college students. A Nalgene water bottle has high durability, can go many days without having to be washed, and your college student doesn’t have to worry about it’s paint chipping or it getting dents. Encourage your college student to drink more water this holiday season.


20.Gift cards

You can never go wrong with gift cards, checks, or good old fashioned cash. If you are wanting to purchase a gift card, consider Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, or any of your college student’s favorite restaurants or stores.