Midterm Elections Makes History for Tennessee


Midterm elections took place on Nov.8. Photo provided by Getty images.

The results of the mid-term election yield both wins and losses for each party. The Republicans have taken control of the House of Representatives after they surpassed 218 seats, giving them control of the chamber. However, the Democrats have retained control of the Senate and achieved this by gaining Pennsylvania.


So what does all this mean for Tennessee? Firstly, the Tennessee State Governor will remain Bill Lee, as the majority leaned right for this vote. State Legislature had an overwhelming right-wing dominant turn out with all three Governor, State Senate, and State House being Republican. 


 Regarding the U.S. House races, one out of nine Districts in Tennessee yielded Democratic results.


 District one holds Diana Harshbarger with a 78.3% turnout. District two holds the votes at 67.9% for Tim Burchett. For district three 68.2% voted for Chuck Fleischmann. District four, at a 70.6% turnout, gives Scott Desjarlais the win. In the fifth, seat flipping the longtime Democratic reign is Andy Ogles with 55.8%. John Rose now holds district six with 66.3%. 59.9% turnout in the seventh district has Mark Green in House. District eight holds Davis Kustoff with a percentage of 73.9. In the ninth district, Steve Cohen, the only Democrat out of districts one through nine, holds this with a 70.0% turnout. Each new member will carry out a two-year term. 


Along with Governor, State Senate and State House amendments were also voted on. Amendment one states that “workplaces would be banned from requiring union membership as a condition of employment”  70% voted yes. The second amendment was voted 75% yes and stated “ Create Gubernatorial Line of Succession and Process for Acting Governor”. The voting of Amendment three made history for Tennessee State voting; this amendment fully abolished all forms of slavery within the state, “Remove Constitutional Language Allowing Slavery as Punishment” this had a yes vote of 80%. The last amendment voted on was “ Lift Ban on Clergy running for state senate” Lift Ban on Clergy Running for State Legislature” 63% voted yes.