Month: January 2023


20 Songs to Spice up Your Gym Playlist

Going to the gym everyday can get repetitive and exhausting. One of the best ways to stay motivated throughout your fitness journey, is to always have a solid gym playlist. Having a playlist to get your blood pumping, and give you the boost you need to finish the last […]


Social Media, a Curse or Blessing to Society?

As you wait in line for your coffee, you look up from your phone screen, and come to a harsh realization you’re the only person in line paying attention to their surroundings. The hunched over necks and the tapping thumbs begin to make you feel uncomfortable. You realize your […]

On campus

Federal judge sets discrimination lawsuit against Tech for trial

A case alleging discrimination against a female Tennessee Tech faculty member has been set for trial. Associate Professor of English Kristen Deiter filed the federal lawsuit against Tennessee Tech in July in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Tennessee alleging she was discriminated against when seeking a […]

Local Top Stories

LGBTQIA+ charity protested by hate group Sunday

A group of nearly a dozen men carrying a Nazi flag protested Sunday afternoon outside a local event that featured a drag performance brunch for charity at Hix Farm Brewery. This protest comes just days after citizens filled the Cookeville City Hall chamber at a council meeting demanding action to […]