20 Songs to Spice up Your Gym Playlist


Going to the gym everyday can get repetitive and exhausting. One of the best ways to stay motivated throughout your fitness journey, is to always have a solid gym playlist. Having a playlist to get your blood pumping, and give you the boost you need to finish the last rep, could be an impactful tool to making those gains. Here are 20 songs to consider adding to your workout jam sesh. 


1. Stronger – Kanye West 

Obviously this is a must for your playlist, especially when you’re having a tough day. 

2. ‘Till I collapse – Eminem 

Well, let’s hope you don’t collapse. 

3. Iron Man – YOOKiE

Definitely an acquired taste.

4. Going Bad – Meek Mill 

5. Detroit Rock City – Kiss 

6. Bad Reputation – Joan Jett

You can’t go wrong with the classics! 

7. Voices – Motionless in White 

For those who enjoy heavy metal, use this song to help hit new personal records (PRs).

8. Otis – JAY-Z & Kanye West

9. Level up – Ciara

This is a great cardio song and helps you connect with your inner feminine energy!

10. Gas Pedal – Sage the Gemini 

11. Danger Zone – Kenny Loggins

Feel like Maverick in the gym, but you should probably leave the leather jacket at home.

12. One Way or Another – Blondie

13. Body Bag – Riot Ten & Sullivan King 

EDM, meet heavy metal.

14. Ima Boss – Meek Mill 

Yes, queen you are a boss.

15. Brain Stew – Green Day

16. The Anthem – Pitbull

Why not turn up like you’re in a Panama City nightclub?

17. Bleed It Out – LINKIN PARK

We tried to tell you, it wasn’t a phase mom. 

18. Bring It Back – Travis Porter 

19. Transportin’ – Kodak Black 

A great warm up or stretching song to help get your head in the game! 

20. You’re the Best – Joe “Bean” Esposito 

Channel your inner Miyagi and don’t let anything keep you down, not even last night’s Taco Bell dinner.