On campus, Photography

This Week on Campus, February 13

A line of Bicycles parked between Centennila Plaza and the RUC. There are bike lock stations across campus for easy access, photo by Elliot Payne.
The checkout area in the campus convenience store at swoops on the ground floor of the UC. This is a spot to buy snacks, ice cream, or drinks using dining dollars or card, photo by Elliot Payne.
An individual studying inside the Starbucks at the ground floor of the UC. Starbucks has a large amount of seating accessable for students and faculty to utilize while enjoying their drinks, photo by Elliot Payne.
The exterior of the library, flanked by construction fencing. As campus continues to grow more and more areas are getting updated, photo by Elliot Payne.
A social distancing sign placed inside one of the campus shuttles. During the COVID-19 pandemic, it was imperative for students to stay socially distant from one another especially on public transportation, photo by Elliot Payne.