On campus

Could Greek Life be more diverse and inclusive on campus?

Coming into a freshman year joining Greek Life is the last thing on the mind of many when starting college. 

Throughout high school Greek Life is often viewed as a hierarchy of caucasian supremacy, simply a group of people who sought out to exclude others from their elusive cult.

But what most people don’t realize is that it is our own bias in harboring those stereotypes.

One staff member of The Oracle remembers being reached out to by a sister from Delta Phi Epsilon. The staff member had reposted a headquarters post for 9/11, and this chapter took notice. Something about the message struck her interest, and soon she came to the conclusion that she was going to go through continuous open bidding.

Her experience going through COB, she said, was amazing. She felt right at home surrounded by loving  people and immediately noticed two things: the chapter is built on community and inclusivity. 

This experience, however, is not universal. 

Some students feel that as a plus-sized woman, recruitment is different — especially when they don’t “fit the mold.” Many during rush feel intimidated because of the expectations and appearance standards. 

But the truth is that the “picture perfect” sorority girl does not exist, and she should not be the standard of Greek Life beauty. 

Fraternities are no exception to the rule, as they too have a certain look and image to maintain, which leaves many feeling excluded from attempting to join based off of looks alone.

However, it is important to understand that diversity in Greek Life is not solely based on looks. It also is centered around different majors, different personalities, different political and religious views. 

To put it simply, Greek Life is not as inclusive as it should be. But that can change! 

And Greek organizations are trying to incorporate these diverse and inclusive practices into their chapters. 

There are three main points that can be addressed to increase diversity within Greek life.

Greek life can implement diversity and inclusion education, a chapter member position to monitor and maintain inclusivity and open statements demanding diversity. 

Greek Life is a beautiful and fulfilling experience, but changes must be made to open the opportunity to more people.