Month: November 2023


The Deilbachsteig Trail: A Hiker’s Paradise

CLICK HERE       Are you a nature enthusiast looking for a serene escape into the breathtaking beauty of the German wilderness? Look no further than the Deilbachsteig trail. Known for its mesmerizing landscapes and invigorating hiking trails, the Deilbachsteig offers an unforgettable outdoor experience for adventure […]

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Campus Events

Tuesday, Nov. 14 School of Music – Recital: Clarinet Choir & Flute Choir, 7:30 p.m., Wattenbarger Auditorium, Bryan Fine Arts Building, Cookeville, Tennessee. Wednesday, Nov. 15 School of Music – Recital: Saxophone Ensemble, 7:30 p.m., Wattenbarger Auditorium, Bryan Fine Arts Building, Cookeville, Tennessee. Thursday, Nov. 16 School of Music – […]

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20th Annual Festival of Student Writing

The 20th annual Festival of Student Writing will be showcasing written work and projects from first-year Tech students for free in the Roaden University Center on November 21, before Thanksgiving break starts. “The primary goal of this annual event is to celebrate and showcase students’ writing and research projects from […]

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Tech Faculty Senate Meeting

Tech recently held its third Faculty Senate meeting of the Fall 2023 semester on Sept. 25, the format of which was centered around a Q&A style discussion with President Phil Oldham. The Sept. 25 meeting was made up of 42 out of 50 present senators; 8 of 50 currently serving […]

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Honoring the stories, love and losses from WWII

Tucked inside Six Years to Sunrise, there is a scrap of paper, written in Catherine Hoff Lafear’s  handwriting, “Jeg deg elsker, bestemor.” Because of those we honor on Veterans’ Day, stories like the Hoff’s are preserved with a grace that cannot be replicated. In English, it reads, “I love you, […]