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20th Annual Festival of Student Writing

The 20th annual Festival of Student Writing will be showcasing written work and projects from first-year Tech students for free in the Roaden University Center on November 21, before Thanksgiving break starts.

“The primary goal of this annual event is to celebrate and showcase students’ writing and research projects from their fall English Composition courses,” said Tony Baker, Director of Composition and the founder and coordinator of the event.

The festival will contain work from students in English Composition 1010 and 1020 and is not limited to traditional, academic essays as participating instructors encouraged their students to take part and go beyond their standard academic writing abilities.

As students go outside of strict, formatted essays, event attendees may also see a variety of work such as posters, exhibits, brochures, presentations, and performances spanning different subjects. Additionally, students who choose to display their work at the festival can be found among different booths and tables to discuss what work they are showcasing.

“Rather than stacks of double-spaced essays with one-inch margins, this non-competitive, energetic event features several hundred students’ alternative texts…Some texts represent collaborative efforts,” Baker explained.

The festival is sponsored and hosted by The Department of English and its composition program. Work from English Composition 1010 and 1020 will be displayed on Tuesday, November 21 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. in the multipurpose room located on the 2nd floor of the Roaden University Center. The event is free and open to anyone who wishes to attend to see and interact with the work of Tech students.