Swimmers Gonna Swim, Swim, Swim

Tech Swim Team Member Ben Hessick Prepares in a practice relay for the teams upcoming meet on February 24. Photo by Lily Davis

Tech’s Swim Club is making a splash to start off the spring semester.

Made up of nine swimmers, this organization is looking to showcase how rewarding swimming can be. This organization is made up of swimmers of all different skill levels who all have a passion for the water sport.

The club’s advisor and coach is Brad Westrick and the club president is sophomore Evie Lawlor. Lawlor, along with sophomore Riley Grimaud, shared their experience representing Tech in a swim meet at the University of Kentucky in Lexington on February 3rd. . Both agreed this was a positive experience for the team and a great opportunity for them to learn and grow, not only as swimmers, but individuals.

Lawlor stated this was her “first competitive swim meet and that it was really fun.” During the meets, swimmers on the team competed in two events: free relay and medley relay. Grimuad shared the meet was “a great opportunity to be in the pool with other swimmers. The competitive atmosphere was great and the relay races were my favorite part.”

The swim club is open to all skill levels. Lawler stated she did not start competing competitively until coming to Tech. Grimaud mentioned she had started swimming at the age of four but stopped swimming competitively after middle school. That is until she found the swim club here on campus. 

Swimmer Ben Hessick stated he joined the swim club to improve his “technique and endurance.” Hessick also mentioned his history of swimming, as he participated in high school, even making it to State in the 100 meter butterfly stroke relay his senior year.

Freshman Marc-Vincent Santiago says he joined to keep his swimming abilities and meet other people who “enjoyed the water.” He says he has experience swimming competitively in Japan for three years. Freshman Mathew Howlett explains how he has been a competitive swimmer since 2016, but being in the swim club has allowed him to compete in a “less intense environment.”

Sophomore Sydney Decatur has been competitively  swimming since she was eight years old. Decatur joined because it has been a great way to get back into swimming and has been a great way to make new friends and take a break from academic work.

The Swim Club has certainly made an impact in these swimmer’s lives. The club’s next meet they are participating in is on February 24th in Alabama. If you are interested in joining, email for information.


Photo By Lily Davis
Sophomore Riley Grimaud glides through the water on Feb 6 During practice. The team’s next meet is Feb. 24.