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Black History Month On Tech’s Campus

By Lawson Tidwell- Contributing Writer

Many voices rose in a harmonious unity on Feb. 1 before the start of the Tech vs. Southern Indiana home game. 

In addition, the crowd enjoyed a pre-game commemoration of noteworthy Tech sports alumni  including Frank Jones, the first Black American to be inducted to the Tech Sports Hall of Fame.

Ashtin Holman, an Black American student from Tech, arranged for these students to come together and raise their voices in celebration of Black History Month. Through the sheer scale of the event and the organization and cooperation necessary to arrange it, Holman and all others involved in the event demonstrated the power in being proud of one’s heritage.

Though this event was arranged thanks to the efforts of Holman and other students, Tech has also hosted celebrations of the history of Black and Black American presence on campus, with plans to continue doing so throughout the month.

Tech hosts a variety of celebratory events for Black History Month. As of Feb. 11, there are a variety of planned events over the course of the month, including the annual Gospel Extravaganza and ever-popular Soul Food Night. These events, some recurring yearly, pay tribute to Black American culture and achievement.

Events such as these are thanks to a passionate community of Black American students on Tech campus who are proud of their heritage and hopeful for Tech to grow and become more cognizant of minority accomplishment in the area.

“I noticed that Tech has a lot of potential,” Holman said. “…It is a predominantly white area… and it really reminded me of my hometown.”

This is not an uncommon sentiment among Black American students on Tech’s campus. Many minority students note the prevalence of the area’s white population. Many students, however, do not see this as a problem, but instead an indicator of potential for growth in the area.

“When I came back, they knew me by my name… I thought ‘this could be a university I could get into,” student Kenneth Vangemert said about his choice to attend Tech.

Some Black American students believe Tech could do more for Black History Month, as well as celebrating diversity and minority accomplishments on campus year round.

“I believe there could be events every week, every day…” Holman said, “if you really put your creative mind to it.”

While Tech’s repertoire of events is certainly varied, many hope Tech will seek to establish more events which celebrate diversity on campus year-round.


Photo By Brain Carpenter.
Josiah Davis goes for a layup during their match against Southern Indiana on Feb 1. Tech lost the match in the final score of 74-71
Photo By Brain Carpenter.
Singers in the United Voices of Praise (UVoP), a group made of primarily Black American students, perform prior to the start of Tech’s basketball game against Southern Indiana on Feb. 1