Day: March 26, 2024


Maternal ≠ Marriage and Motherhood

Lilly Davis The idea that women must take the man’s last name had been a cultural and societal norm since 1855, until Lucy Stone broke it. In the past, women would always take their husband’s last name.  When we think of the women’s suffrage movement, we often think of the […]


Musical Monograph:The Last Dinner Party releases inventive debut album

Gus Creter Up and coming UK indie rock outfit The Last Dinner Party released their debut album “Prelude to Ecstasy” on Feb. 2 to notable critical acclaim, and personally, the hype is completely warranted. The band consists of five female rockers: Abigail Morris, Lizzie Mayland, Emily Rogers, Georgia Davies and […]

Editorial Lifestyle

Meals within a Mile: The coffee capitals of Cookeville

Callie Smith Cookeville is the home of many favorite local coffee shops for Tech students to commune. Students gather here to study, converse and enjoy their extra supplement of energy. Within a mile of Tech’s campus is Poet’s Coffee, SoulCraft and Vertical Coffee. Full disclaimer: I fall into a minority […]