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Tik Tok to be banned if not sold by parent company ByteDance

Leigha Gregory

On March 13, The U.S. House of Representatives passed a bill threatening to ban TikTok on American devices if ByteDance refuses to sell the app. 

Originally, the bill started as a concern to national security. While most popular social media apps like Facebook and Instagram are owned by American companies, TikTok is owned by the Chinese company ByteDance. ByteDance denies any accusations that it is operated by Chinese Communist groups. 

Legislators in support of the bill argue the Chinese government could ask for the personal data of TikTok’s users and the company would be forced to give it to them under Chinese law. According to Priori Data, TikTok currently ranks as the #1 most downloaded app in 2024 and many students at Tech have an account on this app. 

Student Carlie Hall says, “It’s not an American thing to do. In the United States, we value freedom. I do not think the American government can say you cannot have this app.” 

Other students argue this ban would protect the United States. Student Sam Shumpert says, “While I am not particularly in favor of the government banning certain social media platforms, I hope this encourages us to take a closer look at the effects of social media.” 

Communication major Cayden Fair says, “Social media is a drug, but we are too over consumed to realize it.” Megan Tillis agrees, saying “[TikTok] is rotting children’s brains.”

On Tech’s campus, the Wi-Fi does not allow TikTok to load, meaning Tech students are experiencing some of the effects of this ban. If students want to scroll through TikTok on campus, they must log off of the Wi-Fi to do so. 

U.S. legislators supporting the bill have argued the algorithm makes the app addictive and allows its users to be swayed by the content they engage with. Due to the TikTok algorithm, content creators, influencers, and businesses utilize this app for brand deals. 

If the app is purchased by an American company, the algorithm cannot be purchased along with it. Marketing student Kassidy Stryker says, “To ban TikTok from universities does business students a true disservice. TikTok could be used in many courses as examples of marketing and business strategy as many companies have become extremely successful through the app.” Some of Stryker’s courses emphasize how to use social media to promote a product. If the bill passes, the content of the classes could be altered. 

It is unknown when the bill will enter the Senate for voting.


The House of Representatives passed a bill with po- tental to ban TikTok on American devices if ByteDance does not sell. Students at Tech do not support the bill.