Cookeville city council approves a series of motions

Lawson Tidwell Reporter

In a decision on March 21, 2024 the Cookeville City Council approved a series of motions which included a unanimous vote to construct two new fire stations in July, to be completed by 2026.

Council member Eric Walker said of the decision “I’m very excited about this.”

“I think getting started on two fire stations is a must for our city…” he continued. “It’s something long overdue in the making.”

Prior to this decision, the council unanimously voted for other changes to the city.

One motion of note to attain via donation, negotiation or if necessary, utilization of eminent domain to acquire land owned by Soard Properties, Burgess Family General Partnership, and John Wiggins of G&W Apartments for the purpose of construction of a TTU Wet Weather Storage Facility project.

The Soard Property acquisition was negotiated on a prior date.

The passing of this resolution will allow the city to claim the land necessary via imminent domain, or any other necessary means.

Towards the beginning of the meeting, an ordinance regarding abolishing the Human Resources Department as it is titled and replacing it with a new division entitled the Division of Human Resources.

James Mills, the sponsor of the ordinance, explained “This reclassification is a part of our continuing efforts to better serve our residents in a more efficient manner.”

Two motions were made regarding the public works department to commit to purchasing one front load and one side load sanitation truck for the Public Works Department.

These trucks will allow the Public Works Department to better serve the community of Cookeville in matters of sanitation, with both trucks being completed before quarter one of 2025.

Along with these vehicles was the motion to approve purchase of a backhoe for the Sanitation Department, a necessary construction vehicle for their work. As it was a budgeted item, there was little discussion before the motion passed.

The final motion of interest regarded the construction of new sewer lines for the South Creek subdivision with Clinton Engineering. The contract would stipulate the construction of new sewer lines for the subdivision and in the Bunker Hill/Lovelady area. The amendment brings the total cost of the contract to $55,500 for the placement of 11,000 feet of sewer line across over 30 parcels of land.

The decisions made by the council in this meeting clearly show a focus on infrastructure development and will offer reassurance to Cookeville residents.