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Cream City owners celebrate 10 years of business

In the heart of downtown, a three-ton neon sign illuminates Broad Street below. The smell of fresh made sweet waffle cones fills the air before you even step inside the infamous ice cream shop.    Cream City is the home of these twinkling lights and tempting auromas. A familiar sense […]

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Living With a Roommate Doesn’t Have to be Hard

Are you the Good or the Bad Roommate? There are several benefits to sharing your living space with a roommate; saving on rent and utilities, sharing chores, using their Netflix account and having someone to talk to, but living with a stranger can have many issues.  Maybe you`re rooming with […]

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Backdoor Playhouse premieres a killer show

What happens when a bunch of thespians listen to true-crime podcasts? They make an infamous story of serial murders into a killer musical. The Backdoor Playhouse is working with playwright Jason Spraggins and composer Matt Glickstien to join the Backdoor Playhouse to premiere their original work Crawlspace: A True-Crime Musical […]

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Bee Goodman October 31, 2022 Taylor Swift’s Midnights Strikes Big  With the release of her newest album “Midnights,” Taylor Swift has once again taken the world by storm. Just when you think Swift defined her identity as a star and established a sound recognizable to all, she appears out of […]


Breast Cancer can happen before 40

October is largely known as Breast Cancer Awareness Month. While it is most common in women who are 50 years old or older, pre-menopause breast cancer should not be ignored.  Those who have a personal history of breast cancer, high-risk lesions found through a biopsy, or have a family history […]